About Us


2016 Ugly Sweater Party 
Some may have gone the more professional route in a group staff picture for a business website, but we've always done things differently, so to continue in that spirit...

This picture contains so much to look at and so very much to look away from... Focus in on our intense commitment to the task... Ugly Sweater? Yah right! UGLY leggings, socks, necklaces, and Alena is wearing a dog collar on her head. Take a peak at Julia's sweet turtleneck and enjoy that her shirt quoted "Home Alone". We don't do the minimum at Dance This Way.  Perhaps we should have with the look on Trooper's face though... 

Established in 2003, Dance This Way has become an integral part of the West Concord community. Warmth can be felt by the customers who enter this mother-daughter-dog run business. It is in here that one can always expect that the "extra mile" will be journeyed through for them.

‚ÄčThe staff consists of local high-school & college students who have a background in dance and many of whom have grown up coming to the store. There are also two mother-daughter teams! 

Consistently on the hunt for new, creative, and exciting products, the members of Dance This Way are always adding new brands to the diverse collection. 

Linda Ghastin has built this business from the ground up, using her background in sales and her knowledge of what it is like to be the mom of a dancer. She is known for getting down on the ground to make sure shoes are fit properly, with the growing room a mother wants. Linda is a current member and former President and Vice President of the NorthEast Dance Retailers. Linda has also served on the board of the Commonwealth Ballet Company. On a more lighthearted note, she is known for her slightly obsessive love of Mr. Potato Head...  She is funny, friendly, and enjoys watching the children who come into her store grow up over the years. 

Alena Ghastin just recently entered into the business with her mother full-time. At 16, she was helping paint the store walls and pull nails out of the floor, so she has truly seen the business evolve. After her dream of becoming a ballet dancer ended with a serious back injury, she turned her sights on entering into the medical field. Alena worked as a nurse before running into her own health issues. As she healed, she began teaching ballet at MetroWest Ballet under the watchful eye of Director Jessica Wilson, and realized her love for ballet and knowledge of anatomy gave her a special eye and talent for fitting pointe shoes properly. Alena has brought the pointe shoe department of Dance This Way to new levels and she is now sought after by many teachers to fit their students. Alena thrives on continuing her education in dance pedagogy as well as the art and science of properly fitting pointe shoes. She continues to teach at MetroWest Ballet and works privately with pre-professional students. 

And finally, Richard Ghastin is the man who keeps things running behind the scenes. Husband of Linda and father to Alena, he is why Dance This Way has a rolling shoe storage unit, computers that function, and slat wall that doesn't fall out of the wall. He has dog-sat, put floors in, played "banker" when there wasn't money for rent at the beginning, and been the constant source of "pep talks" on the roughest of days. Without Richard, Dance This Way wouldn't be the beautiful and functional place it is and Linda and Alena wouldn't be the women they are.
With much thanks to you Bird Dad... we love you, L & A